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Automobile insurance is one of the most segmented insurance products. This means there are several different rating levels, or tiers. Preferred, Standard and Non-Standard.


Insurance companies that offer a very low rate are the most selective. They have to be. If they want to offer their customers a low premium and still remain profitable, they have to insure only a select group of customers who meet their strict underwriting guidelines. They offer a nice low premium, but are the most likely to not insure you if you have tickets or accidents.


On the other end of the spectrum are the insurance carriers that will insure you no matter what your driving history looks like. If you are willing to pay their high premiums, they are willing to insure you. 


Some auto insurers offer only 2 rating tiers - low rates for good drivers, and high rates for everyone else. Many  carriers now have multiple rating tiers, as many as 20 or more.  These carriers will offer the best rating tier that the customer qualifies for. This will allow most customers to obtain a better rate on their auto insurance. They may not get the lowest rate that the carrier offers, but most likely will not get the highest rate either. 


Alta Insurance Brokers represents several top rated automobile insurers. You can call us for a premium quotation or use the online quotation tool above. Either way, we will strive to secure the best possible terms for your automobile insurance situation. 


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